Travel is always a happy time of year. You plan ahead, look at the best tickets, scroll through Instagram feeds to locate that wonderful sunset you can add onto your bucket-list and dream away of far away paradises. As ‘paradise’ can be found in many different formats, I decided to find mine. Just like that LBD which comes in many different cuts and creations. As long as it is little, black and well, a dress – it fits the criteria.

I found that over the years, my version of ‘paradise’ comes with palm trees and white sandy beaches; a little island breeze would make it paradise with a capital P.  I never imagined paradise would come with green, hillside meadows, mountain peaks and cobbled streets. And yet, so it happened.

I have to say, this is pretty perfect for a dreamy getaway in my new found version of paradise, where the air is crisp and fresh, the views extend so far – horizons do not seem to exist – and the sun gets an extra spark due to the reflection of the snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Grand Hotel du Lac for Holidays in Heels

Image: Adrian Ehbrar